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Our P.R.’s

Just so you know we’re not fakers.

Matt (43-years old):
Marathon – 2:56
Half – 1:26
10K – 36:59

Jill (42-years old):
Marathon – 3:48
Half – 1:40

Jackie (20-years old):
6K cross country – 21:36
10K track – 35:54

Thomas (17-years old):
1600m – 4:29
3200m – 9:48
5K Cross Country – 15:49

Emily (14-years old):
Singer and horseback rider

Blog Overview

As runners we love to be inspired and then inspire others. We value our running friends and like to share fun, optimistic, and awesome videos, quotes, and stories with them. We hope you find this type of stuff at Run Smiles. We also provide reviews from wear testers on running shoes, and running supplies. Everything from Nike running shoes, Adidas, Saucony, Asics, Brooks, Garmin, you get the picture. You’ll run better with helpful running tips and race reviews from runners who have ran 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon distances. We seek to inspire you whether you’re a track and field, cross country, or road racer.

The FTC requires us to let you know  the links in our posts are affiliate links and we’ll receive a small (very small) commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of them. It doesn’t raise your price, so no worries. Is this really a surprise to people who read blogs? I don’t think so… Also, we want you to know this doesn’t affect how we write about, or review products. We give you our honest opinion and then if there happens to be a link that matches, we connect them together. Thanks!