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Welcome to our family running blog. Running has provided us with countless hours of enjoyment, chit chat, and incredible memories. Run Smiles is a cause to spread uplifting material that inspires runners to reach goals they once thought impossible. Come enjoy the journey with us as we try to give back to a sport that has given us more than we deserve.

We live in the United States, Utah, where the mountains touch the sky and the desert is filled with red rock arches. We love running on trails, but also put in plenty of miles on asphalt. Matt is a product manager for a large non-profit humanitarian organization and also a volunteer assistant coach for the local high school distance team. Jill is the high school distance team mom and always provides a great experience for the team of 50 kids. Jackie is a Division 1 collegiate distance runner, Thomas is a great high school distance runner, and Emily is just starting to get into it.

Things that have shaped us are first and foremost our faith. We’ve also spent months and years in our local children’s hospital trying to save the life of Emily. That experience continues to shape us as she has had two bone-marrow transplants and a set of cochlear implants. Running is not who we are, but it is what we do. We run to stay healthy, we run to cope with life’s challenges, we run to challenge ourselves.

Let us know if you’re interested in contributing a post as a guest writer.

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