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All 6 Feet 7 Inches of Matt is trying to break a 36-year old 600-meter record!

@runsmiles: What are the 3 P.R.’s you’re happiest about?

@matthewcorolis: The three P.R.’s that I am most proud of would have to be 49.97 in the 400, 1:21.81 in the indoor 600, and 1:57.44 in the 800. Of those three, I am most proud of my 600m time, as my coaches and I have put in a lot of time training specifically for this distance over the past two years for the indoor CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) season.

 Matthew Corolis 1

@runsmilesBesides your PR’s, what have been some of your biggest highlights as a runner?

@matthewcorolis: I’ve been lucky enough to have a number of highlights as a runner, with the first major one happening in 2011 during my Sophomore year of high school. At the championship meet I won my first ever conference gold medal at the high school level in the 400m. Our team also won our school’s first ever Metro Toronto Track and Field Championships, earning us the title of the top Junior team in the city. This season was really what inspired me to train harder, and when I ultimately decided to take track more seriously.

Another highlight has been running in the OUA (Ontario University Athletics) Track and Field Championships in my past two seasons in university. The energy on the indoor track is unlike any other racing experience that I’ve ever had. Being able to race against some of the best athletes in Canada, combined with an amazing atmosphere, gives the perfect platform to run a P.R.!


@runsmilesWhat has challenged you the most as a runner?

@matthewcorolis: Surprisingly the thing that has challenged me the most as a runner has been converting to running on the smaller 200m indoor track! Being 6 feet 7 inches tall, it has always been challenging to get around those tight corners. It also changes the entire dynamic of the race when you only have 50-meter straightaways to pass before getting onto another tight, often banked corner!

@runsmilesWhat’s a life lesson you’ve learned from running?

@matthewcorolis: The best life lesson that running has taught me is to be patient. From trying to break a championship qualifying standard, to coming back from an injury, patience is an important trait to have as a runner. Although it can be difficult when you aren’t hitting the times that you want to be during the first half of a season, you have to be able to look at it from a long-term perspective. Each race, weights session, and workout is helping you get one step closer to being at your top form for the championships, even if your times aren’t reflecting that. The patience that I have learned from running, has been applicable to all aspects of my life whether it be in the classroom, or working a summer job.

@runsmilesWhich athlete do you admire the most?

@matthewcorolis: Growing up I always admired Usain Bolt, as he was a major reason why I fell in love with the sport. The athlete that I admire most today from a tactical standpoint would have to be the three-time World and one time Olympic champion from Kenya, Asbel Kiprop. I really respect the trust he puts in his kick, often sitting on the back of the pack until the last 250m. This was how I was able to run my 600m P.R. of 1:21.81, so it’s interesting to see that the tactic that he is most famous for in the 1500m can also work for a university athlete running the 600m!

Credit @asbel_kiprop
Credit @asbel_kiprop

@runsmilesOn a lighter note, every runner has a favorite running shoe. What’s your favorite? (Include full name of shoe)

@matthewcorolis: My favorite running shoe would definitely be the Saucony Kinvara 6. I am currently on my second pair of the Kinvara model, and they keep getting better every year.


@runsmilesHow do the shoes feel during runs?

@matthewcorolis: They feel awesome during runs! They have enough cushioning for longer runs, but are light enough to be used for some speed work as well. Another upside to them is that they are also very breathable, and offer good traction when doing trail runs.

@runsmilesWhat motivates you to work so hard?

@matthewcorolis: The thing that motivates me the most is just being faster than I’ve ever been before, and continuing to improve upon my personal bests. Obviously I want to win, but it is more important to always focus on just getting faster, if I can do this, the medals will come. Something that is going to motivate me to work harder than I ever have before this season is going to be trying to break the Queen’s University 600-meter record of 1:20.04 that has been held for 36 years! It would be incredible to be able to dip under 1:20 for the first time in school history.

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