Boston Marathon Review

We made this video of our trip so we could share it with family and friends who will qualify for Boston in upcoming races. It takes a ton of commitment and hard work to run a qualifying time so it’s always something to celebrate!

Thanks to our friends that we met at the marathon and who were willing to be cheesy enough to be in the video.

We ended up staying at the Best Western Adams Inn in North Quincy, just south of Boston. It was $152 a night which is half what you would pay in downtown. The hotel was nicer and more quaint than your typical Best Western. It took us 20-25 minutes to get into downtown on the Red Line. They also serve a continental breakfast and provide a shuttle to the buses on marathon morning. We will go back to this hotel in the future.

We took the red eye flight on JetBlue and regretted it. We saved some money but it messed up our sleep cycle and it affected me during the marathon.

The other thing I wish I could have changed was my preparation with GU, or any other type of energy gel. I assumed since it was the Boston Marathon they would have gels, bananas, etc at aid stations along the way. Not! I was sorely disappointed to find out while on the bus heading to the start line that they only offer energy gel at mile 17. I downed a couple of Power Gels when I hit 17 and pushed through the cramps from being depleted from carbs, and electrolytes. Next time, I will come prepared with energy gels.

Boston is the marathon mecca. The city opens their arms for the weekend and EVERYONE is happy you are there. I was hugged by cab drivers, given free yogurt toppings, escorted to the front of the table line at a restaurant, and told countless number of times, “Congratulations, Good Job” by Bostonians. I realized that running Boston is more of an event than a race. Very few people get their P.R.’s at Boston and surprisingly enough less than half run a Boston Marathon qualifying time.

If you go, relax, soak in the city and the marathon events and don’t be overly concerned with a new P.R.