Boston Strong = Marriage Strong

Today my wife and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. We married when I was 21 and she was 20 years old. We’ve shared so many of life’s ups and downs together since then. I recently ran the Boston Marathon and Jill was my biggest support. She would have been running it as well but was sidelined with an injury that prevented her from qualifying last year. Rather than feeling sorry for herself, she threw her support behind me, like she has so many other times in our life. I owe her big time!

Hang'in with my best friend in Boston
Hang’in with my best friend in Boston

During the marathon we embraced the theme of Boston Strong. We came to realize it’s significant meaning of, “never give up in the face of adversity”. After the bombings last year there were questions of whether the marathon would continue or not. Would people want to run it again? Instead of quitting, the people of Boston, runners, and the Boston Athletic Association decided to come back even stronger. I can’t help but apply this example to my personal life when I’m facing adversity.

I enjoyed reading about the winner, Meb Keflezighi and how he repeated in his mind over and over again, “Boston Strong, Boston Strong”. When he started feeling weaker he started saying, “Meb Strong, Meb Strong”, which gave him the strength to win the race.

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As I woke up this morning I had the thought go through my mind that I’m grateful over the 20-years we’ve been together, when times were tough, we both instinctively thought, “Marriage Strong, Marriage Strong”. We’ve been through some tough adversity with our youngest child who has had ton’s of medical problems and years of not knowing if she would make it to her next birthday or not. We had to spend countless days away from each other as one of us attended to Emily at the hospital and the other was home with our other two kids. “Marriage Strong, Marriage Strong”.

Marriage is like a marathon. In order to finish strong we need to do the little things along the way. We need to keep feeding and hydrating the marriage or it will cramp up. Even still, no matter how well we’ve trained there will be times when we feel weak and need  to boost ourselves, “Marriage Strong, Marriage Strong”, so that we can win our own race. I’m grateful for my best friend, running partner, and wife who has never given up on me. I love you!

When Emily was in the hospital this was a typical day for her
A typical day for Emily when she was in the hospital