Training Shoes

Ultra Boost Shoe Review

I’m like you. Boost material has made a difference with my injury prevention, so when I saw the Ultra Boost I was super interested. The price tag quickly put me back in my seat though and I’ve held off on spending $180. I’m glad I did too, after letting others spend their money and test it out first, it’s apparent from reviews that the sole has a very short life span.

Please Adidas, if you really want to build the best running shoe in the world, use your very own Continental rubber on the bottom. I’ve read many reviews on the shoe, but the one from has been my favorite. Very thorough and helpful.

The Glide Boost is still one of your best options because they last forever. Continental rubber lines the bottom and it truly lasts longer than any other sole I’ve come in “contact” with. Plus, the price point is only $130.

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