Lucy Biles: Footlocker All-American, 3x State Champion

Run Smiles: What have been some of your biggest highlights as a runner?

Lucy: For me some of the biggest highlights as a runner have been the people I have been able to meet. Going to the bigger meets like nationals is amazing and a great experience for the race itself, but meeting the other athletes and getting to know them are some of the best memories I have.

Run Smiles: What has challenged you the most?

Lucy: I think the thing that has challenged me most is the pressure of performing well. I put a lot of pressure on myself and when I don’t meet my goals it is hard for me, but afterwards I remember to take every race as a learning experience and try to fix out the Kinks in the next race.

Run Smiles: What’s been a life lesson you’ve learned from running?

Lucy: One of the biggest life lessons has been work ethic, in order to compete at the level I want to compete at I have to be so dedicated, and I learned that really fast. After applying that to my running I realized that it would help in other aspects of my life so I applied it there too, it’s been a big change for the better.

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