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Nike Zoom Structure 18 – Shoe Review

One of my favorite quotes!

Run Smiles: What are the 3 PR’s you’re happiest about?


1000m – 2:46

800m – 2:06.5 (DMR split)

1500m – 4:24.2

 Year in School: College Senior / Graduate

 Shoe Name: Nike Women’s Air Zoom Structure 18 Running Shoe“>Nike Zoom Structure 18

 Run Smiles: How long have you been running in this shoe model?

Adéla: 1.5 years

The pronation support is the pink vertical stripes on the inside of the sole.

Run Smiles: Is there a part of the shoe that hurts your foot?

Adéla: No, the shoes are pretty incredible in stability/upper cushioning, yet very light at the same time. They also reduce the rate of pronation which helps me with the proper stride form and prevention of foot-related injuries. The arch support is much higher/better than any other Nike shoes I’ve previously worn.

Run Smiles:

Is there a part of the shoe you really like?

Adéla: I really like the design and the cushioning system as the midsole is made up of three layers so it allows me to run longer on my forefoot without straining the calves or over-pronating. I use them most during workouts on the track, but they can be easily worn on regular runs as well.

Run Smiles: Which part of the shoe is wearing out the fastest?

Adéla: It’s most likely the very front part of the shoe as I spend the majority of the time running on my toes or forefoot.

You can see how the tread wears on the mid-foot and toe area.

Run Smiles: Would you buy these shoes again?

Adéla: Absolutely, I’ve had previously the Nike Women’s Air Zoom Structure 18 Running Shoe“>Nike Zoom Structure 16, 17 and now 18 so I’m going to stick with them for as long as they are on the market and I’m looking forward to the next upgrade in the “Zoom Structure Family”. I’d sure recommend them to those runners who appreciate the stability and lightness at the same time keeping their stride nice and smooth. 🙂

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